Whatsapp Mini B58 Apk App Latest Version 2022

hatsapp b-58 mini mod Mod project by sam mod .This WhatsApp is like other WhatsApp in terms of privacy. It also has almost same feature just like Whatsapp gb Whatsapp plus for Whatsapp Fm. It has few features as compared to other Whatsapp. but whatsapp B58 min is more powerful as compare to original Whatsapp. There is a lot of privacy in it, you can hide last scene, you can do blue tick hide , you can record. I have given the link on below. What to keep your convoy private ? about which we see in detail۔

What Type of App Whatsapp B58 Mini

Whatsapp mini version is same as whatsapp so it provides privacy In this also you can store same data in Google Drive and in Dropbox. Whatever is your chat, pictures, videos etc., you can save it in any online drive or in your phone local drive. You don’t need privacy, it’s already so much climbing on original WhatsApp .but it has few features more than original whatsapp.Whatsapp Mini B58 Apk App Download

Whatsapp Mini B58 Apk App Mod Latest Version Update

App NameWhatsApp Mini B58
Size26.6 MB
Total Downloads100,000+
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and higher
Last Updated3 Dec 2021

Whatsapp B58 Update Version

I have explained all about it You can know about it in this article What are its features and what works and what are the new updates? And about this you can also know what extra things have been kept in it. You admit about it and whatever you do not understand, you can say in the comment below ۔

  • New chat window has been added
  • Text Verification Issues Have Been resolved
  • In this you can hide status, you can hide, blue tick , last seen.
  • This New Update base on 2.19.244
  • In this you can characteristics hide it which is enabled by default.
  • yes can do power backup

Whatsapp B58 Mini Apk App Download Method

You can also install WhatsApp B58 mini following simple instructions. The way to download it is very easy, it provided, you can download from there.

Before you have to download whatsapp from here

Then after that you have to install WhatsApp

After this you have to delete the original WhatsApp

After that you will enter the number which you want to add.

After that you will get a message on your mobile.

You have to add a very six digit message on it.

Then you have to press ok

When you get google play encounters , so please dont click ok

If you do OK then you will not be able to recover your data
In this way you will recover your old data if you do not click ok
After that setup your profile.

This is how you can enjoy whatsapp mini B58 apk app

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In this we have told you in detail that you can also install WhatsApp B58 Mini and how you can take advantage of it. And what features are included in it. What are the benefits of WhatsApp mini B58. And how to download and install it

Whatsapp FM Latest Update Version

   Whatsapp is a messaging app from meta. There are many versions of whatsapp are available. Different developers develop these applications and there are lot of different features. FM whatsapp is one of these apps. It has been developed by Foud Apps. There are many features in it that is not available in regular whatsapp. It can’t be download from the google play store. FM whatsapp can be install from a third-party website. We can use many features that includes customized app, hide last seen, icon colors and others also. We can use many themes from its theme store.

Note : . Many people think that your WhatsApp is closed by using the mod app. they have a misunderstanding Because this app can’t be because it includes too many features that prevent it from being banned. And this is not true, Anti ban apk app link has been provided in it. That’s why you can download it and use Yo WhatsApp . And you can use it on any device that supports Android and your device will not be ban.
we will keep you updated about it. so that you don’t have trouble.If there is any new update in this, we will write an article on this too.Tweet

Whatsapp FM Apk App Latest Version Update

App NameWhatsApp FM
Size51.6 MB
Total Downloads200,000+
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and higher
Last Updated3 Dec 2021

Features of FM whatsapp:

                           As it is modified messaging app so it has many features that are as follows;


                  FM whatsapp help us to change themes if we are bored. Many themes are added to theme store daily. So there is a large number of themes in FM whatsapp so we can choose them and change them easily.


            Unlike the regular whatsapp, we don’t need to save a contact number for sending message. We can send messages to unsaved contacts by using FM whatsapp. And we can pin 100 chats on the screen of FM whatsapp.

Increased limit:

               The regular whatsapp can send a message to maximum 250 people via groups. But the FM ehatsapp can send up to 500 people within a group. And we can send only 30 images in the regular whatsapp. But in modified version we are talking about can send more than 60 images at the same time.

Anti-delete status:

                  One of the biggest feature of FM whatsapp is that if anyone deleted his/her status you can see it within that 24 hours. You’ll be able to see the deleted status later on. It’s a basic feature but FM whatsapp give us accessibility that simple whatsapp can’t.

Media sharing:

               In FM whatsapp we don’t have a limit to send a media file. We can share up to 700 MB data files easily in FM whatsapp. It give us rid of sending a limited data files that simple whatsapp can’t. So, In this way we can send data files, images and videos without any limit.

Emoji variant:

In FM whatsapp we can add emoji from different sources. We have access to enjoy by adding more and more emojis from different android ecosystems. But for this feature we need to use the latest version of FM Whatsapp.

Pros of FM whatsapp:

As we know its not an official app, so here are some pros of FM whatsapp:

 There are thousands number of themes in theme store we can choose any from them which we like.

Large data files can be shared very easily. We can share media size above then 700MB.

If you forward some message then the tag of forwarded will not shown on the message.

Disadvantage of FM whatsapp:

               FM whatsapp is not an official version it doesn’t protect you from security risks which occur by using it. Developer can read the messages that we send or receive because there is no encryption. And a big con of FM whatsapp is that if user notice any bug or error they can’t report.

Method of downloading FM whatsapp:

             FM whatsapp is easy to download. We can download FM whatsapp from google chrome in a very easy way. It’s a safest way to download FM whatsapp. We can use other whatspp like GB whatsapp, arrow whatsapp, YO whatsapp and whatsapp plus etc.

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WhatsApp Plus Apk App Latest Version 2022

If there is any such app which is very important for every smartphone owner then it is WhatsApp. Smart WhatsApp is such a thing that every person knows how to use How is it used and what are its uses. This application has become very important in our life now. Because with its help you can deliver messages in nano seconds. For this only your internet should be fast.Because with its help you can make video calls, chat and you Can send picture to anyone, can send video, can send personal details You can also send your personal documents, relevant business documents, etc., through WhatsApp. Whatsapp is very important for today’s life

There is a reason it is one of the most downloaded nowadays. It has millions of users on daily basis. let’s download it whatsapp plus is third party app.You can also call it apk app mode. This app provide many such facilities which are not available on regional WhatsApp. With its help, you can get more functionality performed. In this article I will explain you about the latest version.The gospeedy platform which provides you all type of APK app.DOWNLOAD PLUS WHATSAPP APK APP

What is Whatsapp Plus???

WhatsApp plus is the approved apk app version. Which is as popular as WhatsApp GB and who has forward and subscriber and download in millions people regional. People like whatsapp gb and whatsapp plus. original whatsapp is a bore app. More people want something unique so people use apk app mod like whatsapp gb whatsapp plus.

WhatsApp Plus provides you the facility of customer rating, with the help of which you make your application attractive and you want to see it the way you want it to appear to you. People install it just because it has a lot of functionality Apart from this, you cannot run two accounts of WhatsApp at the same time, so we use mod apk app like WhatsApp plus WhatsApp GB What happens is that we use two to three apps at a time.
this you can impress your friends i have very high quality images and i can see delete your messages and i can see your status without shows

Note:. All those people think that by installing this version of your apk, our account will be ban, but who is the misunderstanding. Actually the true thing is it is a pair it is anti ban apk app. You can also download for this page and you will not have any problem. This is anti ban apk app and can be used on every devices without banned. You can download for free on the link given below.

Note : . Many people think that your WhatsApp is closed by using the mod app. they have a misunderstanding Because this app can’t be because it includes too many features that prevent it from being banned. And this is not true, Anti ban apk app link has been provided in it. That’s why you can download it and use Yo WhatsApp . And you can use it on any device that supports Android and your device will not be ban.
we will keep you updated about it. so that you don’t have trouble.If there is any new update in this, we will write an article on this too.Tweet

Plus Whatsapp Apk App file download

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size51.6 MB
Total Downloads200,000+
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and higher
Last Updated3 Dec 2021


Developer of Apk App WhatsApp Plus

In 2012, the Rafalete created the APK app. This apk app is the most popular app after whatsapp GB.If you are facing the problem that how do we download the latest version of this, then you can download it by clicking on the button given below.

This app was not made by one developer, but three to four men developers designed and made it. their name is Rafalate HeyMods AlexaMods Together these three have got WhatsApp Plus and many more versions praised.
Hymods got this praised and Now the changes and modifications in it are Rafalete. Rafalete has to add too much feature in it that you guys enjoy it more . Apk app is very amazingly designed. Why we use this apk app. Apk Apk Syrup works for android applications In this they have removed many debugs Errors .Due to which we used to face problems in installation and we had to present many more problems.

You can download it on the link given below


Latest version of Apk App Whatsapp Plus

  • It’s anti ban
  • I have been added a lot of new emoji
  • New setting appreciated ۔
  • New changelog design
  • Can participate in group ۔
  • This has been updated with the pervious setting

There are many other features that we discuss below.

Whatsapp plus apk app HeyMods

This link which I have provided below is the link of Heymods which you can download and use it This link is provided by supports every devices.

HeyMods Latest Version Features

  • We have light and dark mod theme
  • you can add more than 8 peoples.
  • It has lots of privacy
  • can hide chat
  • Diy Theme

Whatsapp plus Apk App AlexMods

The link given is the link of AlexMods and it is in zip file, you can download it and use it on your mobile.

Features Of AlexMod Apk App Latest Version

  • you can update this
  • It is available in dark mod
  • There is a lot of errors have been fixed.
  • Custom theme
  • Try other whatsapp Apk App mods

Feature of Whatsapp Apk App

Everyone thinks that there are many aspects in this messenger app that can be improved. We are making many more efforts for this, which one can be made better and more better. I have provided the complete list of this Apk App features below.

  • You can send large video and audio and images in it.
  • You can interview customers, you can change wallpaper fonts color and many more.
  • You can send the image in full pixels .
  • There is also a quick share function.
  • You can also heighten your profile ۔
  • You can copy paste it, you can send it to each other, you can copy paste the status.
  • Now you can install variation topic in it
  • Can use new emoji etc.
  • In this you can hide the last scene, you can block someone, you can block the call, you can also download.

Whatever information I had, we explain it below.

Whatsapp Plus List of Features

You are still not happy with its features I provide you a list from which you can know every happiness of APK


  • Can hide your friend
  • Can hide your view status
  • Can hide your comment
  • Can hide your mic
  • Can hide your recording
  • Can also disable/ Enable anti revoke

Plus Settings

  • It has a lot of stickers that you can download
  • Auto reply article
  • it has a lot of themes
  • they are all fonts
  • In this you can send video of more than 50 MB.
  • Can send more than 50 MB audio files
  • has too many wallpapers
  • In this you can send regional images
  • Lock Whatsapp
  • popup notification turns on
  • You can put more than 7 minutes video in status
  • in this you can backup
  • all those sticker emoji and Gif

General Setting

  • You can schedule the message and send it
  • In this you can download Design Chat Private notification and Media auto download
  • You can also reset your WhatsApp


If you are bored of seeing same type of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus itself provides you with many more features in it, due to which you do not get bored with an interface.
There are many things in WhatsApp Plus which are not in the original WhatsApp. Because of which we find the app attractive I’m sure you haven’t even seen about these highlight.

Writing Status

This feature is very amazing, While you are typing, the other person would steal that you are typing. if you turn it on then your typing status will not show You can message anyone at any time

Hide online Status

If you want to see someone’s status And whatever you don’t want her to do that I’m watching your status This feature is best for you With their help, you can see the status of anyone and he will not even show that you have seen his status. and you can also list someone like this .

Recording Status

You can ask for long time of your recording and you can delete later. Its biggest benefit is It.

Hide Blue Ticks

It has a lot of hide tick features, You want your blu blue tick to be on when you are typing otherwise your blue tick doesn’t show the feature is very amazing. Because with its help you can also remove your tick hidden

Sticker Package

In this, many stickers are provided to you, with the help of which you can be enjoy.And you can also send it to someone else.Here building lots of packages by entering which you can download from play store .


There are many wallpapers in it, which are available, you can change it as per your wish and you can also add any of your wish.


That’s why you can delete the stories you have, in the rest of the original WhatsApp, it is a bit difficult to delete the storage, in this you can easily delete the storage

Auto Reply

This is a very amazing feature of this, it is Artificial Intelligence A that if someone messages you, then you transfer the message to him in return, auto reply will be there. Due to which he will feel that you are online at that time, the message will be delivered to him automatically.


In this, many themes have been whitened which you can apply as per your wish and you can also do customization as per your wish. Theme Has Lots Of Styles Dark Mode Light Mode Etc

Font and Style

There is a lot of amazing thinking of fonts and style in this, you can change the pnot as per your wish, you can change its style, you can change its color. You make your whatsapp attractive and you enjoy using


You can share anything with anyone and you can only transfer 50 MB file on original Whatsapp you. You can transfer unlimited files in WhatsApp Plus, you can also transfer photos in original file with out damage pixel


The security provided in this is very amazing, we can put face lock in front of it as per our wish pattern Fingerprint ۔


As you know whatsapp GB and whatsapp plus is apk app mod.Never use your personal number in such twists It is possible that at some point of time the mod may be turned off and your number may also be blocked. Use the number you have temporary in this.
Never use your personal number in this mod.

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  • Hola whatsapp
  • Aero whatsapp
  • B58 mini whatsapp
  • Soula whatsapp


Apk app mod is the best mod it has lot of functionalities. Do you enjoy using WhatsApp even more It also benefits you a lot With the help of which you can get many more functionality performed you don’t have to face any problem.

Latest YoWhatsApp APK App(Official) v18.5 (Jan 2022 New)

This is the latest version of whatsapp yo which we are, here is your link, you can download it from here. You can install this version on your android device. You can download the latest version of yo Whatsapp from this website. yo whatsapp very popular Mods of WhatsApp. If you want to make your WhatsApp personal.yo whatsapp allows you this. Before that we are the one to see it in detail, then we should check its project SK

What is Whatsapp yo ???

Before downloading WhatsApp, it is very important for us to know about it ۔ What are the features and how does it work and how can we take advantage of it? And how it makes us user friendly and how we can apply weird things on it and how we use it.

In this you can build personal chat with another user and with friends. In this you can change the style on the font you can change the color and in this you can send emoji and you can send fullscreen picture videos etc.
In this you can send more than 700 at the same time. In this you can hide the record of your contact.

Note : . Many people think that your WhatsApp is closed by using the mod app. they have a misunderstanding Because this app can’t be because it includes too many features that prevent it from being banned. And this is not true, Anti ban apk app link has been provided in it. That’s why you can download it and use Yo WhatsApp . And you can use it on any device that supports Android and your device will not be ban.
we will keep you updated about it. so that you don’t have trouble.If there is any new update in this, we will write an article on this too.Tweet

This WhatsApp is exactly like your normal WhatsApp but it has a little more functionality than the original WhatsApp. It benefits you a lot and you enjoy it too. In this you can message anyone, send voice message, call, send video, image, emoji and do many more functionality like you can send message without saved number .
The more Features We Discuss In Detail Below.

Yo whatsapp apk app file download

App NameYO WhatsApp
Size51.6 MB
Total Downloads200,000+
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and higher
Last Updated2 Dec 2021

Latest Feature of Yo WhatsApp .

  • Yo whatsapp anti ban .
  • You can download any status
  • You can see deleted messages of anyone
  • You can change your mode in this Light Mode Light Mode .
  • In this you can also hide your status .
  • You can also change the theme in it .
  • You can easily send animation emoji in this.
  • Let’s go down and discuss about it ۔

Support Devices

Yo whatsapp apk app you can install in any android mobile. In this we tell you which mobile you can use APK app on. You can also Samsung ,Vivo ,Oppo ,Real me, MI , Xiaomi etc You can use Your WhatsApp is inside the device Your condition for this is that you have an Android phone only. Because it is apk app and it not support in ios and window phone and if not support other operating system also .

Yo Whatsapp Hey-Mods Download

Yo whatsapp latest version Hey mod we have already written below you can download it .
This whatsapp is almost similar to region whatsapp ۔ You can download it by clicking on the button below .

Yo Whatsapp Hey-Mods Latest Features

  • Dark mode can do light mode
  • Here you can hide your privacy
  • Can hide chat
  • Animation Emoji can send
  • backup restore feature included in the mods
  • Can hide blue tick.

ASN Project Try Other Apk App.

  • Yo whatsapp
  • Whatsapp plus
  • Gb whatsapp
  • Mix whatsapp
  • Prime whatsapp
  • Hola whatsapp
  • Aero whatsapp
  • B58 mini whatsapp
  • Soula whatsapp

This is all apk app which is its alternate Of yo whatsapp. Below I have forwarded all the WhatsApp links to you, From here you can download all WhatsApp.

Yo Whatsapp Safe ???

In this, let me clear you once, this WhatsApp cannot be your ban and cannot it be closed.
The very latest behind them have been included in it, due to which you can never stop now. Before this, the version of WhatsApp that was there, many people had to face difficulty and many people’s accounts were banned , But now many changes have been made in it and new technology has been used in it, which will not allow your app to be banned. Earlier which in WhatsApp from many departments and tellers but now they have been cleared. now yo whatsapp is safe. And now you can download it without worrying and you can also install it in your mobile. Its biggest benefit is that you can use mod app along with original whatsapp

Reason to Use Yo Whatsapp

The biggest reason of this is that everyone wants that there should be some change in it and enjoy using it .And this we don’t have this kind of facility in original whatsapp so we use other variation like apk app mods etc
Due to which we get many more functionality so that we can get many more work done like Hide someone can block call etc. This facility is not providing original whatsapp but its providing alternate FM whatsapp GB whatsapp plus OG whatsapp Yo whatsapp etc

Whatsapp was made for its simplicity and to send documents and chat message to anyone and you are doing your business with it nowadays. If WhatsApp is closed today then many people may suffer because many people are doing their business through it.
WhatsApp has to be very important for today’s life There are also many apps alternative to WhatsApp, So only brings you lots of happiness can use them too .

Say, now let’s talk about the feature of WhatsApp, whose features are there and what works.


In today’s era it is a big issue that how can we keep our app safe with others and how can we do it more with him. They have many such people who want to interfere in other people’s personal life and want to blackmail them. For this we need a lot of security and privacy so that no one can access your WhatsApp. Yes, for this, WhatsApp has provided you a lot of facilities and provides privacy.

Who can call me

This is very amazing features that you will decide who can call you and who can not call. Apart from this, if another person calls you, then automatic call will drop. Apart from this, you can block anyone’s call so that you can make that call.

Show blue tick after reply

Its a very amazing feature that you will have blue tick when you message someone. The other wise blue tick will not be there, it will seem that why you have not yet seen his message.

Stuck Last Seen

Another very amazing feature of this is that your last scene which is intoxicant will not be liked by anyone, if you want to apply it at any time in the previous day, it will be fixed at the same time.

Anti Delete Status

is the best and our most favourite feature .In this, if someone deletes any status in you, then whatever will happen to you for 24 hours. And you can see anytime within 24 hours.

Hide view Status.

This is also a very amazing feature, in this you can also see someone’s status and it will not show to anyone, have you seen his status. And he can tell the method for how long you want to be invisible.

Anti Delete Massages

This is a very amazing feature, in this you can Read someone’s message if he has also deleted And he won’t even know you’ve seen his message


Yo WhatsApp is for those people who get tired of looking at the same WhatsApp and many more things have been included in it.
You will never get bored using this WhatsApp It also includes many more features that allow you to make your interface more attractive. Which are many themes in support of WhatsApp, using which you can make your interface attractive, you can change color and color style font style furiously on it as per your wish. Do you want to change emoji in it then you can download it from play store and also change its wallpaper and it has many more functionalities.

In this you can also change the side bar top bar as per your wish. It has more than 5000 themes Who can send your big to big profile and videos using WhatsApp, in this you can send movies and others whose MP4 goes. In this you can send top quality image and there will be no difference in pixel .


original whatsapp is very board so people use other whatsapp to enjoyment. WhatsApp is simple party wise can be reused and what is the second mode app it is a bit difficult because it has more functionality that is that you feel very good after using it ۔ That’s why I will also comment that you use the mod app, there is no danger of having any ban in it. You can download from there. Already link has been given. If you like my article then please feel free to comment.

WhatsApp Delta Apk App Features

What is WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Delta is also a type of WhatsApp which is instantly used and downloaded by users of play store. WhatsApp Delta is a messaging app. There are approximately 1.5Million users of WhatsApp delta. WhatsApp delta is developed by Deltalabs Studio. It is the updated version of GB WhatsApp also known as GB WhatsApp Delta. It provides tons of customization like primary colours, accent colour, theme, font style and colouring and much more.

                                It also includes auto reply messages, third party video player, call block, hide online status, hide typing, don’t disturb and much more. The users can also send large audio, video files, no picture sending limits with this mod. It can also allow users to extend status duration.

Note : . Many people think that your WhatsApp is closed by using the mod app. they have a misunderstanding Because this app can’t be because it includes too many features that prevent it from being banned. And this is not true, Anti ban apk app link has been provided in it. That’s why you can download it and use Yo WhatsApp . And you can use it on any device that supports Android and your device will not be ban.
we will keep you updated about it. so that you don’t have trouble.If there is any new update in this, we will write an article on this too.Tweet

How to install WhatsApp Delta on Android smartphone(Installation Guide):

              WhatsApp Delta is not available on play store because google doesn’t allow to share modified apps on play store. You can download this WhatsApp from third-party website. Before installing this app first of all check its features. Inability to reinforcement messages and records will bring about their long-lasting erasure. Keep in mind that these type of illegal applications doesn’t allow from google you can download it from third party website.

Following are the steps that are used to install it:

  • Backup your data before uninstalling official version of WhatsApp. Follow these steps for backup:
  • Open your WhatsApp and tap on menu.
  • Click on setting then tap on chats.
  • Click on chat backup.
  • Then your backup will be stored on cloud storage.
  • To enable “unknown sources” follow these steps:
  • Open ‘setting’
  • Tap of ‘security’
  • Enable “Unknown sources”
  • Visit your download section, there will be your APK file.
  • Click on APK file.
  • Click on install button then installation may take some time.
  • After installing click on ‘Agree and Continue’.
  • Enter your number then click on ‘Copy whatsapp Data’.
  •  If you’ve followed these steps successfully then you will be able to back up your data. Then restart whatsapp.

Is WhatsApp Delta Harmful?

           Some people thinks that Delta whatsapp is harmful that it’s a malware or viruses. Whatsapp Delta is purely safe because it is appreciative process. Before downloading just make sure you are downloading from Whatsapp Mod.  

ASN Project Try Other Apk App

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  • Gb whatsapp
  • Mix whatsapp
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  • Hola whatsapp
  • Aero whatsapp
  • B58 mini whatsapp
  • Soula whatsapp

WhatsApp Delta APK Information:

App NameWhatsApp Delta/GB WhatsApp Delta
RequirementAndroid 2.2 Above
Last update7 Nov,2021

OG Whatsapp Apk App Features

OG WhatsApp I was praised because it has a lot of privacy features and it makes the user a little out of the work area. This includes the things that we cannot do in the original WhatsApp, we can do that easily through OG WhatsApp. OG whatsapp alternative for a whatsapp plus and whatsapp gb. OG WhatsApp is very powerful and very amazing features are included in it as compared to the original Whatsapp.
OG whatsapp is becoming popular day by day.Its users are increasing. 600 million users of this app are active on daily basis.
Due to lack of feature in regional WhatsApp, people are getting move in WhatsApp GB WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp OG.
Before that we discuss about its feature and tell it, before that we see its alternative and which is WhatsApp.
There are many more WhatsApp that we need to know about and how to download it. like gb whatsapp Delta whatsapp NZ whatsapp 3d whatsapp and whatsapp Areo

What is OG Whatsapp???

OG Whatsapp is a very amazing and popular chatting app of whatsapp mod version.
This OG whatsapp provides simple, functional and secure messaging service to the user.
In this, the creator of the mod has cleared many features in it, which are very benefit for the users. It has a lot of enjoyment extra features and a lot of work for you for security and privacy.
OG WhatsApp increases the security of the user, due to which we can see which profile has been changed and whose status is set and without seen that we can see. Such feature attract the user and forces them to use. The creator has added many new features to it, in its latest version, you will be download to the end of this article.
In its new feature, you can erasing send message and you can also hide your online status. OG whatsapp is very amazing app it is alternative to whatsapp gb and whatsapp plus.

OG whatsapp apk app developers.

It was made in 2013, And it was formed by a team, whose name is XDA ,Who made the original version of OGWhatsApp. Modified version of this app Similar to original
OGWhatsapp Which came in this capable latest version, he has made a lot of changes in it and got a new feature added. Download the latest version of this app by clicking on the link below.
OGWhatsapp latest version of whatsapp Made by the team of Alex Mods after Team XDA.This latest version which is present in the zip file, the user has to extract it and download it in the APK app. Whether your device accepts this app or not.Because some of their devices Alexa mods does not accept. So many people are complaining that this is not right. And there’s a lot of Error and bugs all the rest that on the future it’ll be fixed. There is a problem during the installation of the app, due to which people stop using it. and he convert to another apk mod. The Alexa team was a lot of work on this mod to improve its twist.

Features of XDA OGWhatsapp

OG WhatsApp is anti ban
You can download from google play store.
In this have custom theme which you can change as per your wish.
In this there is a request to block the number that you can block someone’s number.
You can also call without saved number in this.
Click here for more features.

AlexaMods apk app Download

AlexaMods Version OGWhatsapp Released After XDA Team This version includes a lot of latest features and amazing features In the previous version. there were a lot of bugs and Error , so people did not like it, now in the latest It is very useful and you can install it without error and bugs. Its download link has been given below for the latest version.
You can download and install it on your mobile and tab.

New version of OGWhatsapp Lastest Features.

Many new updates have come in this new version.
Many error and bugs fixed.
you can hide the a lot of things.
In this you can change the custom theme and Multiple themes provided

Before downloading apk app, you should keep an eye on whether your device supports it or not. Make sure there is enough space in your operating system you can install the app.and your operating system is accept this version OGWhatsapp is only for android users not for ios.There are many more apps for IS users that you can use, OGWhatsApp has not come in IOS operating system yet.

Here I have given you a lot of mod link , you can also install other mods from here like whatsapp gb, whatsapp plus ,open whatsapp whatsapp mix and hola . It all works like OGWhatsapp.
how do you download OGwhatsapp.This is a safe and secure method, which can be downloaded by the initials of WhatsApp in your operating system. By clicking on the given download button.

Installation guide line

After downloading the apk app .You have to go to its location where it is. And then you have to click on APK app.and open this apk app And you will have an interface open in which it will be written Install now. You have to click on this download and your installation is not automatic, it will start coming. After the installation, it will ask you whether you have to open this app, you have to open later.As soon as you close it you will have an interface open .You will be asked the number there, you have to add your number After entering the phone number, you will get the verification code on your mobile. As soon as you verify your number, Will take you to your profile, you can change it.And in this way you can install the mod app on your mobile and you can use it.

Features of OGWhatsapp

As I already told you that it has many new features. Which gives you a lot of privacy and provides security. We have already mentioned that features , you can see, I will tell you in detail about them, what is the work of these futures.You can also check yourself after installation whether included in this feature or not.

OGwhatsapp Anti ban apk app

OGwhatsapp provide us anti ban apk app. Anti ban apk apps feature is very handy feature. With the help of this feature when we use third party mods.so our account is not ban.This features is very amazing and it has been updated to the latest version.

Call Without save Number

Sometimes we have to call through whatsapp even without saving the number. This feature is not in the original WhatsApp. OGWhatsApp provides us the functionality of this feature.Because of which we can call anyone without saving its number can also message.

In original whatsapp first we save the number then we used to call and could message. OGWhatsapp solved this problem Can call and message without saving the number.

Set Massage Schedule

this is our favorite feature.Its work is very amazing, we can message anyone anytime and at any time, only what we have to do, we have to set a time and date.Before now, we had to face many problems, But you have got the solution for us .Now someone has a birthday this is an important message and you have to forward it on that date So you don’t need to be online. All you have to do is type the message and set the date and time and click on it.Your message will be automatically delivered to him who date and time will come.

Set name longer than 25 characters

The most popular feature of the WhatsApp.With the help of the feature , we can increase the character of our family, friends, office, college and university etc groups.Only 25 character can be used in original WhatsApp. OGwhatsapp gives us more characters than original whatsapp.

Download Status and also hide seen

A very amazing feature in this whatsapp is that you can download status of anyone. You can download both video and picture.Earlier we could not download anyone’s status in original WhatsApp.To download status in regional WhatsApp, we had to install an app WhatsApp Status Saver. OGWhatsApp is providing this feature to us inside this WhatsApp. We can see anyone’s status and he won’t even know that we have seen his/her status. This feature updated to latest version.

Copy status in your clipboard.

With the help of the feature, you can copy anyone’s text and keep it on the clipboard for yourself. With the help of this, you can also copy whose contact status and bio status and keep it anywhere. This feature is only provided in OGWhatsApp.

Build in lock

The other app will not care about any such feature to you, OGWhatsApp only provided this feature , with the help of which you can lock anything, tell that none of your privacy can be used. OGwhatsapp is providing you this building feature. so that you can make it safe and no one can use it.

Block Specific call Numbers

If you do not want to block someone’s number, you only want to block him in the call. So OGWhatsApp is providing you this facility that you can block the call of a specific contact. And he won’t even know you blocked him. You will find all this in the settings of OGWhatsApp.

You can send up to 100 pictures at a time

Whatsapp GB APK App (Anti Ban )Latest Version 2021

The new version of WhatsApp GB has arrived in the market, you can be satisfied with it, this is the latest version of WhatsApp GB 2022 In this you have given a lot of information.With its help, you can get many more functionality performed.

In simple whatsapp we can only chat, video call and send images and videos etc. It has many more functionalities which we will tell you later. The biggest benefit of WhatsApp GB is that you can install both WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB on your phone at the same time, but it is only and only for Android phones, ios users can not be blamed for this thing because right now the version of whatsapp GB has not come in IOS, as soon as it comes, we will also praise you. What is WhatsApp gb .

It is opposite to WhatsApp, WhatsApp doesn’t allow it, but if WhatsApp thinks that WhatsApp gb can also use it, then it can block your number. After that you can’t use that number anytime and anywhere on WhatsApp, that’s why if WhatsApp GB is there, it’s good but it’s not there, OK, you can use it.

If you use WhatsApp, then WhatsApp GB provides you with a lot of good quality, with the help of which you can do many more things like You can change reboot voice child, old woman Boy and Old Man Etc.There is many more functionalities that we also explain to you in this article.

WhatsApp GB is one of the best apps that cannot be downloaded from play store, for this you have been given on the link here, now you can download from here that’s why you can use more than one account in WhatsApp GB.

After WhatsApp, WhatsApp GB is the most used app in today’s era because a lot of functionality has been provided in it and that’s why we can use it and Deepak is there, we tell it further, let’s explain who is in it.

“ Before knowing about WhatsApp GB, let us tell you that if your account is banned because of this, then do not blame us because it is illegal. By the way, we can use WhatsApp GB, it may not be a problem that if you do not like any activity in WhatsApp, then it can ban then we will not be responsible for this, so we are already explaining. Yes, my suggestion is that you should also use WhatsApp, but still, if you think that there is no issue, your account and number have been banned , then you have no problem then you can use it. You can download this app from apk store or many other stores also other wise i have given link in article ,,

Firstly I will explain to you which mobiles WhatsApp GB supports and which mobiles do not support. Because you don’t have any problem with this so I am already explaining Whatsapp gb apk app download only for android phone. Which Mobiles Are Supported Vivo Oppo RealMe Samsung xiaomi and Hawaei phone And many such mobiles which will support Android phone, you can use WhatsApp GB in it. There is no issue in this, that’s why you can use it in this and you will not have any issue in it, yes, whatever mobile you have, it should be the latest, it does not accept often in the old version.

whatsapp gb whatsapp prime whatsapp pro same app and there is no different in it.So you are not confused because of name. Some people miss guide to promote the article here to take a view.You should not be confused In this only and only the issue of version comes and not of the application.

Feature of whatsapp gb latest version 2021

  • whatsapp gb anti ban update
  • You can also do dark theme light theme and there are many other team options that you can also install and use.
  • A lot of bugs and error removed in the latest version
  • Many stickers have been linked in it which you can download from Google Play Store through WhatsApp GB .
  • Now that’s why you can backup your chat video images, now you will not face any problem.
  • Many themes have been provided in this, light , dark mode, light mode and different color themes have been provided, by using which you can make your WhatsApp gb amazing.
  • Hide chat feature has also been provided so that you can hide anyone’s chat and you do not want it to be shown online.
  • Another one has come in this, so that you can also create a new theme and share it with anyone.
  • You can also hide someone’s status so that no one can see whether you have watched its status or not.
  • Many gifs have been provided through which you can entertain anyone by sending multiple gifs.
  • I have added a new feature that you want to make someone show your two tick that I have not been delivered, otherwise you can get it done as you wish or if you don’t, don’t do it.
  • In this you can also send large files, you do not keep the size of your file, you can also send a file of 50 MB 30 MB and send high quality photos which does not spare you WhatsApp and You can easily send in WhatsApp GB, you do not have any restriction, it will not cost you any money and it is free of cost, it is not for any third party.
  • When you send an image through WhatsApp, then the pixels of that image get spoiled .So now when you send through WhatsApp GB, there is no effect in your pic pixel.
  • You have a lot of good privacy, then there is a lot of privacy in WhatsApp GB like if you want that I should not show online status, then you should hide it if you want that no one can see your last seen that you can hide.
  • A very amazing feature of WhatsApp GB is that you can auto reply in it, if someone is sleeping or someone goes to work, then like someone messages you, he will automatically reply, this is the most amazing .
  • In this app, you can manage multiple accounts, like if you want to bring two accounts on time, then you can run two accounts and You can also do different language Lite English Spanish Chinese and in that you can chat with anyone.Whatsapp GB provide you many features which are not available in original Whatsapp.
  • There is also the option of message scheduler that at any time you have an account, set a counter from the calendar and at that time the messages will be delivered automatically.
  • You can also attach WhatsApp GB with Web WhatsApp With the help of scan code.
  • In whatsapp gb you can set password live fingerprint face lock and pattern numbering etc
  • It also has many icons which you will not find in original WhatsApp.

Many more mod with same functionality of whatsapp gb

  • whatsapp fm
  • yo whatsapp
  • whatsapp transparent
  • whatsapp plus
  • whatsapp mix
  • whatsapp delta
  • az whatsapp
  • whatsapp prime
  • whatsapp gold
  • whatsapp plus reborn
  • Ns whatsapp 3d

New feature of whatsapp

Daily base update
Anti ban updates
Many more new emoji
You can download stickers very easily from play store.
Error bugs fixing
You Can Message Privately When You’re Chatting in a Group

We will tell you whether whatsapp gb is good or not

You can not deny the feature of whatsapp gb because it is the most popular thing after WhatsApp regional because it has a lot of feature in it. Available on WhatsApp GB Different Platform Android IOS Windows Play Store App Store ETC .

If you compare WhatsApp GB with other WhatsApp then WhatsApp GB is on the first number after WhatsApp.Fm whatsapp whatsapp plus ,whatsapp ,yo whatsapp Compared to WhatsApp GB provides us more functionality and it’s official version keeps on updating.

Dis Advantage

You can’t deny that WhatsApp GB also has disadvantages because It also has many disadvantages, so I want to explain that to you too. so that you don’t have any problems later Its biggest disadvantage is that it can ban your account at any time and this account will never be opened once it is blocked.

After this you can never use it even in sending WhatsApp, this is its biggest dish advantage. i will suggest you You should never use your original number in this, you should use your other number which you do not use regularly so that you don’t have any problem later.

never use your same number on whatsapp gb other wise the chances of getting blocked will be more.


WhatsApp GB is becoming very popular these days and it is growing, It has a lot more snakes in the number of downloads A people feel a lot of enjoyment from it because it has so many features There is no restriction in this, so you can use it however you want.

It makes our life process a little easier. that’s why people like it .What do you want to give your opinion about WhatsApp GB, feel free to write in the comment box, I am yours so that your experience is known.

Thank you

How to Install Whats-app on laptop or PC

It is very important to know about WhatsApp because WhatsApp is very useful in today’s world. We can chat with a lot of people at the same time because of the rain.WhatsApp app has 1.5 billion active users and more people are starting to use it.

WhatsApp app is made for mobile and tab. Apart from WhatsApp, there are many other apps Whom we can use but at this time WhatsApp is at number one.

Telegram ,Link many more apps.We can use these you too for chat and also for daily life.There are many other apps which have different features and better features than WhatsApp but WhatsApp has become a brand this time.

Introduction of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the king of today’s world, what kind of station is this which is used by the youth on smart mobile phone Application window is used for Android iOS .Through this application, we can get any type of personal key full form, we can also transfer messages, if there is any important thing to talk about, we can do that too.

Through WhatsApp, we can deliver our message to anyone, we can give important information and can perform many other functionalities.

In today’s era, everyone is using WhatsApp, WhatsApp has become a brand, which is very important for us to use because because of this, we can deliver messages to each other Through whatsapp.

we can call many more happiness id like we can make video call also we can deliver audio call message and we can also upload images gif etc.

Earlier, when we used to deliver messages through sim phones here, we were not sure whether the message is there, This is our work in WhatsApp, because of this, whenever we deliver a message to someone, we come to know that the message has been received, because of this, we give the importance of WhatsApp in today’s era that it is WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Security Features

There are many other features of WhatsApp, which we use to make our life more easy.There are many more options in whatsapp.

There is a new feature of WhatsApp app by which we can secure our WhatsApp app The latest feature of whatsapp is fingerprint, with the help of which we cannot use our mobile with out your fingerprint, so we put fingerprint.

And in this we have the option that we can make our wallpaper mean screen wallpaper dark screen and light screen also.To secure WhatsApp, we put two authentication numbers, due to which we can keep it safe and no one can use it. Nowadays use whatsapp in PC laptop with the help of qr code.

Whatsapp Use Requirement

If you want to use WhatsApp for PC and Laptop, then you have to do many things for that. one of bluestacks Nox player etc.With the help of software we can run WhatsApp in our PC or laptop. All you have to do is download Blue-stacks.You need to have 2GB of RAM to install and The hard disk still needs to have memory Still you can install it in PC.

There are many more features Because of which you can call for more work, you are getting affection and many features are messages photos Icon Music Fashion Share my app games etc.You have to go my app, you have to go and install WhatsApp from there . Installing WhatsApp, after installing, you have it there, if it is set there, then it happens in mobile Android and ios .First of all, you will have the option, a real continue, click on it.

After that you will have the option add your phone number, there you have to add your phone number After adding the phone number, you will get a verification code on your SIM number. Add six digit code to your WhatsApp After doing it will take you to your profile There you have to add your name whatever etc From there you will have to show your profile image Ram is not going to be found in his profile After that you click on Continue After clicking on continue you will have whatsapp installed After installing, you have to do this, whatever you want to message it, you can message it.

Your Opinion.

By the way, you can also make a call, Because of this, you have to get someone else to perform turmeric performance, they can also get it done. You can use it easily, it has many more features .you can install many more apps like pubg ,subway, call of duty, mx player etc.

Do you think this matter is very help full so please left your comment in comment section.Somebody you have to face problem then you can send comment i will try my best to reply you so that your problem can be solved .If you have any belief then you can ask by going to the comment section I will send it to you. i gave bluestack link from where you can download it.


Have you seen what are the benefits of WhatsApp and how can we use it? And how can always use PC laptop etc.What are the software through which we can use whatsapp in PC and Laptop I have given the links in the comment section and In the section of the article we have given its link can also download from there And you can use two to three numbers at a time.

Now if you like the article, then also tell in the comment section. i will write many more articles on this whatsapp star whatsapp gb whatsapp arror etc And don’t say to give feedback in comment section.

Thank you.