Whatsapp GB APK App (Anti Ban )Latest Version 2021

The new version of WhatsApp GB has arrived in the market, you can be satisfied with it, this is the latest version of WhatsApp GB 2022 In this you have given a lot of information.With its help, you can get many more functionality performed.

In simple whatsapp we can only chat, video call and send images and videos etc. It has many more functionalities which we will tell you later. The biggest benefit of WhatsApp GB is that you can install both WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB on your phone at the same time, but it is only and only for Android phones, ios users can not be blamed for this thing because right now the version of whatsapp GB has not come in IOS, as soon as it comes, we will also praise you. What is WhatsApp gb .

It is opposite to WhatsApp, WhatsApp doesn’t allow it, but if WhatsApp thinks that WhatsApp gb can also use it, then it can block your number. After that you can’t use that number anytime and anywhere on WhatsApp, that’s why if WhatsApp GB is there, it’s good but it’s not there, OK, you can use it.

If you use WhatsApp, then WhatsApp GB provides you with a lot of good quality, with the help of which you can do many more things like You can change reboot voice child, old woman Boy and Old Man Etc.There is many more functionalities that we also explain to you in this article.

WhatsApp GB is one of the best apps that cannot be downloaded from play store, for this you have been given on the link here, now you can download from here that’s why you can use more than one account in WhatsApp GB.

After WhatsApp, WhatsApp GB is the most used app in today’s era because a lot of functionality has been provided in it and that’s why we can use it and Deepak is there, we tell it further, let’s explain who is in it.

“ Before knowing about WhatsApp GB, let us tell you that if your account is banned because of this, then do not blame us because it is illegal. By the way, we can use WhatsApp GB, it may not be a problem that if you do not like any activity in WhatsApp, then it can ban then we will not be responsible for this, so we are already explaining. Yes, my suggestion is that you should also use WhatsApp, but still, if you think that there is no issue, your account and number have been banned , then you have no problem then you can use it. You can download this app from apk store or many other stores also other wise i have given link in article ,,

Firstly I will explain to you which mobiles WhatsApp GB supports and which mobiles do not support. Because you don’t have any problem with this so I am already explaining Whatsapp gb apk app download only for android phone. Which Mobiles Are Supported Vivo Oppo RealMe Samsung xiaomi and Hawaei phone And many such mobiles which will support Android phone, you can use WhatsApp GB in it. There is no issue in this, that’s why you can use it in this and you will not have any issue in it, yes, whatever mobile you have, it should be the latest, it does not accept often in the old version.

whatsapp gb whatsapp prime whatsapp pro same app and there is no different in it.So you are not confused because of name. Some people miss guide to promote the article here to take a view.You should not be confused In this only and only the issue of version comes and not of the application.

Feature of whatsapp gb latest version 2021

  • whatsapp gb anti ban update
  • You can also do dark theme light theme and there are many other team options that you can also install and use.
  • A lot of bugs and error removed in the latest version
  • Many stickers have been linked in it which you can download from Google Play Store through WhatsApp GB .
  • Now that’s why you can backup your chat video images, now you will not face any problem.
  • Many themes have been provided in this, light , dark mode, light mode and different color themes have been provided, by using which you can make your WhatsApp gb amazing.
  • Hide chat feature has also been provided so that you can hide anyone’s chat and you do not want it to be shown online.
  • Another one has come in this, so that you can also create a new theme and share it with anyone.
  • You can also hide someone’s status so that no one can see whether you have watched its status or not.
  • Many gifs have been provided through which you can entertain anyone by sending multiple gifs.
  • I have added a new feature that you want to make someone show your two tick that I have not been delivered, otherwise you can get it done as you wish or if you don’t, don’t do it.
  • In this you can also send large files, you do not keep the size of your file, you can also send a file of 50 MB 30 MB and send high quality photos which does not spare you WhatsApp and You can easily send in WhatsApp GB, you do not have any restriction, it will not cost you any money and it is free of cost, it is not for any third party.
  • When you send an image through WhatsApp, then the pixels of that image get spoiled .So now when you send through WhatsApp GB, there is no effect in your pic pixel.
  • You have a lot of good privacy, then there is a lot of privacy in WhatsApp GB like if you want that I should not show online status, then you should hide it if you want that no one can see your last seen that you can hide.
  • A very amazing feature of WhatsApp GB is that you can auto reply in it, if someone is sleeping or someone goes to work, then like someone messages you, he will automatically reply, this is the most amazing .
  • In this app, you can manage multiple accounts, like if you want to bring two accounts on time, then you can run two accounts and You can also do different language Lite English Spanish Chinese and in that you can chat with anyone.Whatsapp GB provide you many features which are not available in original Whatsapp.
  • There is also the option of message scheduler that at any time you have an account, set a counter from the calendar and at that time the messages will be delivered automatically.
  • You can also attach WhatsApp GB with Web WhatsApp With the help of scan code.
  • In whatsapp gb you can set password live fingerprint face lock and pattern numbering etc
  • It also has many icons which you will not find in original WhatsApp.

Many more mod with same functionality of whatsapp gb

  • whatsapp fm
  • yo whatsapp
  • whatsapp transparent
  • whatsapp plus
  • whatsapp mix
  • whatsapp delta
  • az whatsapp
  • whatsapp prime
  • whatsapp gold
  • whatsapp plus reborn
  • Ns whatsapp 3d

New feature of whatsapp

Daily base update
Anti ban updates
Many more new emoji
You can download stickers very easily from play store.
Error bugs fixing
You Can Message Privately When You’re Chatting in a Group

We will tell you whether whatsapp gb is good or not

You can not deny the feature of whatsapp gb because it is the most popular thing after WhatsApp regional because it has a lot of feature in it. Available on WhatsApp GB Different Platform Android IOS Windows Play Store App Store ETC .

If you compare WhatsApp GB with other WhatsApp then WhatsApp GB is on the first number after WhatsApp.Fm whatsapp whatsapp plus ,whatsapp ,yo whatsapp Compared to WhatsApp GB provides us more functionality and it’s official version keeps on updating.

Dis Advantage

You can’t deny that WhatsApp GB also has disadvantages because It also has many disadvantages, so I want to explain that to you too. so that you don’t have any problems later Its biggest disadvantage is that it can ban your account at any time and this account will never be opened once it is blocked.

After this you can never use it even in sending WhatsApp, this is its biggest dish advantage. i will suggest you You should never use your original number in this, you should use your other number which you do not use regularly so that you don’t have any problem later.

never use your same number on whatsapp gb other wise the chances of getting blocked will be more.


WhatsApp GB is becoming very popular these days and it is growing, It has a lot more snakes in the number of downloads A people feel a lot of enjoyment from it because it has so many features There is no restriction in this, so you can use it however you want.

It makes our life process a little easier. that’s why people like it .What do you want to give your opinion about WhatsApp GB, feel free to write in the comment box, I am yours so that your experience is known.

Thank you

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