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   Whatsapp is a messaging app from meta. There are many versions of whatsapp are available. Different developers develop these applications and there are lot of different features. FM whatsapp is one of these apps. It has been developed by Foud Apps. There are many features in it that is not available in regular whatsapp. It can’t be download from the google play store. FM whatsapp can be install from a third-party website. We can use many features that includes customized app, hide last seen, icon colors and others also. We can use many themes from its theme store.

Note : . Many people think that your WhatsApp is closed by using the mod app. they have a misunderstanding Because this app can’t be because it includes too many features that prevent it from being banned. And this is not true, Anti ban apk app link has been provided in it. That’s why you can download it and use Yo WhatsApp . And you can use it on any device that supports Android and your device will not be ban.
we will keep you updated about it. so that you don’t have trouble.If there is any new update in this, we will write an article on this too.Tweet

Whatsapp FM Apk App Latest Version Update

App NameWhatsApp FM
Size51.6 MB
Total Downloads200,000+
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and higher
Last Updated3 Dec 2021

Features of FM whatsapp:

                           As it is modified messaging app so it has many features that are as follows;


                  FM whatsapp help us to change themes if we are bored. Many themes are added to theme store daily. So there is a large number of themes in FM whatsapp so we can choose them and change them easily.


            Unlike the regular whatsapp, we don’t need to save a contact number for sending message. We can send messages to unsaved contacts by using FM whatsapp. And we can pin 100 chats on the screen of FM whatsapp.

Increased limit:

               The regular whatsapp can send a message to maximum 250 people via groups. But the FM ehatsapp can send up to 500 people within a group. And we can send only 30 images in the regular whatsapp. But in modified version we are talking about can send more than 60 images at the same time.

Anti-delete status:

                  One of the biggest feature of FM whatsapp is that if anyone deleted his/her status you can see it within that 24 hours. You’ll be able to see the deleted status later on. It’s a basic feature but FM whatsapp give us accessibility that simple whatsapp can’t.

Media sharing:

               In FM whatsapp we don’t have a limit to send a media file. We can share up to 700 MB data files easily in FM whatsapp. It give us rid of sending a limited data files that simple whatsapp can’t. So, In this way we can send data files, images and videos without any limit.

Emoji variant:

In FM whatsapp we can add emoji from different sources. We have access to enjoy by adding more and more emojis from different android ecosystems. But for this feature we need to use the latest version of FM Whatsapp.

Pros of FM whatsapp:

As we know its not an official app, so here are some pros of FM whatsapp:

 There are thousands number of themes in theme store we can choose any from them which we like.

Large data files can be shared very easily. We can share media size above then 700MB.

If you forward some message then the tag of forwarded will not shown on the message.

Disadvantage of FM whatsapp:

               FM whatsapp is not an official version it doesn’t protect you from security risks which occur by using it. Developer can read the messages that we send or receive because there is no encryption. And a big con of FM whatsapp is that if user notice any bug or error they can’t report.

Method of downloading FM whatsapp:

             FM whatsapp is easy to download. We can download FM whatsapp from google chrome in a very easy way. It’s a safest way to download FM whatsapp. We can use other whatspp like GB whatsapp, arrow whatsapp, YO whatsapp and whatsapp plus etc.

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