OG Whatsapp Apk App Features

OG WhatsApp I was praised because it has a lot of privacy features and it makes the user a little out of the work area. This includes the things that we cannot do in the original WhatsApp, we can do that easily through OG WhatsApp. OG whatsapp alternative for a whatsapp plus and whatsapp gb. OG WhatsApp is very powerful and very amazing features are included in it as compared to the original Whatsapp.
OG whatsapp is becoming popular day by day.Its users are increasing. 600 million users of this app are active on daily basis.
Due to lack of feature in regional WhatsApp, people are getting move in WhatsApp GB WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp OG.
Before that we discuss about its feature and tell it, before that we see its alternative and which is WhatsApp.
There are many more WhatsApp that we need to know about and how to download it. like gb whatsapp Delta whatsapp NZ whatsapp 3d whatsapp and whatsapp Areo

What is OG Whatsapp???

OG Whatsapp is a very amazing and popular chatting app of whatsapp mod version.
This OG whatsapp provides simple, functional and secure messaging service to the user.
In this, the creator of the mod has cleared many features in it, which are very benefit for the users. It has a lot of enjoyment extra features and a lot of work for you for security and privacy.
OG WhatsApp increases the security of the user, due to which we can see which profile has been changed and whose status is set and without seen that we can see. Such feature attract the user and forces them to use. The creator has added many new features to it, in its latest version, you will be download to the end of this article.
In its new feature, you can erasing send message and you can also hide your online status. OG whatsapp is very amazing app it is alternative to whatsapp gb and whatsapp plus.

OG whatsapp apk app developers.

It was made in 2013, And it was formed by a team, whose name is XDA ,Who made the original version of OGWhatsApp. Modified version of this app Similar to original
OGWhatsapp Which came in this capable latest version, he has made a lot of changes in it and got a new feature added. Download the latest version of this app by clicking on the link below.
OGWhatsapp latest version of whatsapp Made by the team of Alex Mods after Team XDA.This latest version which is present in the zip file, the user has to extract it and download it in the APK app. Whether your device accepts this app or not.Because some of their devices Alexa mods does not accept. So many people are complaining that this is not right. And there’s a lot of Error and bugs all the rest that on the future it’ll be fixed. There is a problem during the installation of the app, due to which people stop using it. and he convert to another apk mod. The Alexa team was a lot of work on this mod to improve its twist.

Features of XDA OGWhatsapp

OG WhatsApp is anti ban
You can download from google play store.
In this have custom theme which you can change as per your wish.
In this there is a request to block the number that you can block someone’s number.
You can also call without saved number in this.
Click here for more features.

AlexaMods apk app Download

AlexaMods Version OGWhatsapp Released After XDA Team This version includes a lot of latest features and amazing features In the previous version. there were a lot of bugs and Error , so people did not like it, now in the latest It is very useful and you can install it without error and bugs. Its download link has been given below for the latest version.
You can download and install it on your mobile and tab.

New version of OGWhatsapp Lastest Features.

Many new updates have come in this new version.
Many error and bugs fixed.
you can hide the a lot of things.
In this you can change the custom theme and Multiple themes provided

Before downloading apk app, you should keep an eye on whether your device supports it or not. Make sure there is enough space in your operating system you can install the app.and your operating system is accept this version OGWhatsapp is only for android users not for ios.There are many more apps for IS users that you can use, OGWhatsApp has not come in IOS operating system yet.

Here I have given you a lot of mod link , you can also install other mods from here like whatsapp gb, whatsapp plus ,open whatsapp whatsapp mix and hola . It all works like OGWhatsapp.
how do you download OGwhatsapp.This is a safe and secure method, which can be downloaded by the initials of WhatsApp in your operating system. By clicking on the given download button.

Installation guide line

After downloading the apk app .You have to go to its location where it is. And then you have to click on APK app.and open this apk app And you will have an interface open in which it will be written Install now. You have to click on this download and your installation is not automatic, it will start coming. After the installation, it will ask you whether you have to open this app, you have to open later.As soon as you close it you will have an interface open .You will be asked the number there, you have to add your number After entering the phone number, you will get the verification code on your mobile. As soon as you verify your number, Will take you to your profile, you can change it.And in this way you can install the mod app on your mobile and you can use it.

Features of OGWhatsapp

As I already told you that it has many new features. Which gives you a lot of privacy and provides security. We have already mentioned that features , you can see, I will tell you in detail about them, what is the work of these futures.You can also check yourself after installation whether included in this feature or not.

OGwhatsapp Anti ban apk app

OGwhatsapp provide us anti ban apk app. Anti ban apk apps feature is very handy feature. With the help of this feature when we use third party mods.so our account is not ban.This features is very amazing and it has been updated to the latest version.

Call Without save Number

Sometimes we have to call through whatsapp even without saving the number. This feature is not in the original WhatsApp. OGWhatsApp provides us the functionality of this feature.Because of which we can call anyone without saving its number can also message.

In original whatsapp first we save the number then we used to call and could message. OGWhatsapp solved this problem Can call and message without saving the number.

Set Massage Schedule

this is our favorite feature.Its work is very amazing, we can message anyone anytime and at any time, only what we have to do, we have to set a time and date.Before now, we had to face many problems, But you have got the solution for us .Now someone has a birthday this is an important message and you have to forward it on that date So you don’t need to be online. All you have to do is type the message and set the date and time and click on it.Your message will be automatically delivered to him who date and time will come.

Set name longer than 25 characters

The most popular feature of the WhatsApp.With the help of the feature , we can increase the character of our family, friends, office, college and university etc groups.Only 25 character can be used in original WhatsApp. OGwhatsapp gives us more characters than original whatsapp.

Download Status and also hide seen

A very amazing feature in this whatsapp is that you can download status of anyone. You can download both video and picture.Earlier we could not download anyone’s status in original WhatsApp.To download status in regional WhatsApp, we had to install an app WhatsApp Status Saver. OGWhatsApp is providing this feature to us inside this WhatsApp. We can see anyone’s status and he won’t even know that we have seen his/her status. This feature updated to latest version.

Copy status in your clipboard.

With the help of the feature, you can copy anyone’s text and keep it on the clipboard for yourself. With the help of this, you can also copy whose contact status and bio status and keep it anywhere. This feature is only provided in OGWhatsApp.

Build in lock

The other app will not care about any such feature to you, OGWhatsApp only provided this feature , with the help of which you can lock anything, tell that none of your privacy can be used. OGwhatsapp is providing you this building feature. so that you can make it safe and no one can use it.

Block Specific call Numbers

If you do not want to block someone’s number, you only want to block him in the call. So OGWhatsApp is providing you this facility that you can block the call of a specific contact. And he won’t even know you blocked him. You will find all this in the settings of OGWhatsApp.

You can send up to 100 pictures at a time

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