How to Install Whats-app on laptop or PC

It is very important to know about WhatsApp because WhatsApp is very useful in today’s world. We can chat with a lot of people at the same time because of the rain.WhatsApp app has 1.5 billion active users and more people are starting to use it.

WhatsApp app is made for mobile and tab. Apart from WhatsApp, there are many other apps Whom we can use but at this time WhatsApp is at number one.

Telegram ,Link many more apps.We can use these you too for chat and also for daily life.There are many other apps which have different features and better features than WhatsApp but WhatsApp has become a brand this time.

Introduction of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the king of today’s world, what kind of station is this which is used by the youth on smart mobile phone Application window is used for Android iOS .Through this application, we can get any type of personal key full form, we can also transfer messages, if there is any important thing to talk about, we can do that too.

Through WhatsApp, we can deliver our message to anyone, we can give important information and can perform many other functionalities.

In today’s era, everyone is using WhatsApp, WhatsApp has become a brand, which is very important for us to use because because of this, we can deliver messages to each other Through whatsapp.

we can call many more happiness id like we can make video call also we can deliver audio call message and we can also upload images gif etc.

Earlier, when we used to deliver messages through sim phones here, we were not sure whether the message is there, This is our work in WhatsApp, because of this, whenever we deliver a message to someone, we come to know that the message has been received, because of this, we give the importance of WhatsApp in today’s era that it is WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Security Features

There are many other features of WhatsApp, which we use to make our life more easy.There are many more options in whatsapp.

There is a new feature of WhatsApp app by which we can secure our WhatsApp app The latest feature of whatsapp is fingerprint, with the help of which we cannot use our mobile with out your fingerprint, so we put fingerprint.

And in this we have the option that we can make our wallpaper mean screen wallpaper dark screen and light screen also.To secure WhatsApp, we put two authentication numbers, due to which we can keep it safe and no one can use it. Nowadays use whatsapp in PC laptop with the help of qr code.

Whatsapp Use Requirement

If you want to use WhatsApp for PC and Laptop, then you have to do many things for that. one of bluestacks Nox player etc.With the help of software we can run WhatsApp in our PC or laptop. All you have to do is download Blue-stacks.You need to have 2GB of RAM to install and The hard disk still needs to have memory Still you can install it in PC.

There are many more features Because of which you can call for more work, you are getting affection and many features are messages photos Icon Music Fashion Share my app games etc.You have to go my app, you have to go and install WhatsApp from there . Installing WhatsApp, after installing, you have it there, if it is set there, then it happens in mobile Android and ios .First of all, you will have the option, a real continue, click on it.

After that you will have the option add your phone number, there you have to add your phone number After adding the phone number, you will get a verification code on your SIM number. Add six digit code to your WhatsApp After doing it will take you to your profile There you have to add your name whatever etc From there you will have to show your profile image Ram is not going to be found in his profile After that you click on Continue After clicking on continue you will have whatsapp installed After installing, you have to do this, whatever you want to message it, you can message it.

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By the way, you can also make a call, Because of this, you have to get someone else to perform turmeric performance, they can also get it done. You can use it easily, it has many more features .you can install many more apps like pubg ,subway, call of duty, mx player etc.

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Have you seen what are the benefits of WhatsApp and how can we use it? And how can always use PC laptop etc.What are the software through which we can use whatsapp in PC and Laptop I have given the links in the comment section and In the section of the article we have given its link can also download from there And you can use two to three numbers at a time.

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