WhatsApp Plus Apk App Latest Version 2022

If there is any such app which is very important for every smartphone owner then it is WhatsApp. Smart WhatsApp is such a thing that every person knows how to use How is it used and what are its uses. This application has become very important in our life now. Because with its help you can deliver messages in nano seconds. For this only your internet should be fast.Because with its help you can make video calls, chat and you Can send picture to anyone, can send video, can send personal details You can also send your personal documents, relevant business documents, etc., through WhatsApp. Whatsapp is very important for today’s life

There is a reason it is one of the most downloaded nowadays. It has millions of users on daily basis. let’s download it whatsapp plus is third party app.You can also call it apk app mode. This app provide many such facilities which are not available on regional WhatsApp. With its help, you can get more functionality performed. In this article I will explain you about the latest version.The gospeedy platform which provides you all type of APK app.DOWNLOAD PLUS WHATSAPP APK APP

What is Whatsapp Plus???

WhatsApp plus is the approved apk app version. Which is as popular as WhatsApp GB and who has forward and subscriber and download in millions people regional. People like whatsapp gb and whatsapp plus. original whatsapp is a bore app. More people want something unique so people use apk app mod like whatsapp gb whatsapp plus.

WhatsApp Plus provides you the facility of customer rating, with the help of which you make your application attractive and you want to see it the way you want it to appear to you. People install it just because it has a lot of functionality Apart from this, you cannot run two accounts of WhatsApp at the same time, so we use mod apk app like WhatsApp plus WhatsApp GB What happens is that we use two to three apps at a time.
this you can impress your friends i have very high quality images and i can see delete your messages and i can see your status without shows

Note:. All those people think that by installing this version of your apk, our account will be ban, but who is the misunderstanding. Actually the true thing is it is a pair it is anti ban apk app. You can also download for this page and you will not have any problem. This is anti ban apk app and can be used on every devices without banned. You can download for free on the link given below.

Note : . Many people think that your WhatsApp is closed by using the mod app. they have a misunderstanding Because this app can’t be because it includes too many features that prevent it from being banned. And this is not true, Anti ban apk app link has been provided in it. That’s why you can download it and use Yo WhatsApp . And you can use it on any device that supports Android and your device will not be ban.
we will keep you updated about it. so that you don’t have trouble.If there is any new update in this, we will write an article on this too.Tweet

Plus Whatsapp Apk App file download

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size51.6 MB
Total Downloads200,000+
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and higher
Last Updated3 Dec 2021


Developer of Apk App WhatsApp Plus

In 2012, the Rafalete created the APK app. This apk app is the most popular app after whatsapp GB.If you are facing the problem that how do we download the latest version of this, then you can download it by clicking on the button given below.

This app was not made by one developer, but three to four men developers designed and made it. their name is Rafalate HeyMods AlexaMods Together these three have got WhatsApp Plus and many more versions praised.
Hymods got this praised and Now the changes and modifications in it are Rafalete. Rafalete has to add too much feature in it that you guys enjoy it more . Apk app is very amazingly designed. Why we use this apk app. Apk Apk Syrup works for android applications In this they have removed many debugs Errors .Due to which we used to face problems in installation and we had to present many more problems.

You can download it on the link given below


Latest version of Apk App Whatsapp Plus

  • It’s anti ban
  • I have been added a lot of new emoji
  • New setting appreciated ۔
  • New changelog design
  • Can participate in group ۔
  • This has been updated with the pervious setting

There are many other features that we discuss below.

Whatsapp plus apk app HeyMods

This link which I have provided below is the link of Heymods which you can download and use it This link is provided by supports every devices.

HeyMods Latest Version Features

  • We have light and dark mod theme
  • you can add more than 8 peoples.
  • It has lots of privacy
  • can hide chat
  • Diy Theme

Whatsapp plus Apk App AlexMods

The link given is the link of AlexMods and it is in zip file, you can download it and use it on your mobile.

Features Of AlexMod Apk App Latest Version

  • you can update this
  • It is available in dark mod
  • There is a lot of errors have been fixed.
  • Custom theme
  • Try other whatsapp Apk App mods

Feature of Whatsapp Apk App

Everyone thinks that there are many aspects in this messenger app that can be improved. We are making many more efforts for this, which one can be made better and more better. I have provided the complete list of this Apk App features below.

  • You can send large video and audio and images in it.
  • You can interview customers, you can change wallpaper fonts color and many more.
  • You can send the image in full pixels .
  • There is also a quick share function.
  • You can also heighten your profile ۔
  • You can copy paste it, you can send it to each other, you can copy paste the status.
  • Now you can install variation topic in it
  • Can use new emoji etc.
  • In this you can hide the last scene, you can block someone, you can block the call, you can also download.

Whatever information I had, we explain it below.

Whatsapp Plus List of Features

You are still not happy with its features I provide you a list from which you can know every happiness of APK


  • Can hide your friend
  • Can hide your view status
  • Can hide your comment
  • Can hide your mic
  • Can hide your recording
  • Can also disable/ Enable anti revoke

Plus Settings

  • It has a lot of stickers that you can download
  • Auto reply article
  • it has a lot of themes
  • they are all fonts
  • In this you can send video of more than 50 MB.
  • Can send more than 50 MB audio files
  • has too many wallpapers
  • In this you can send regional images
  • Lock Whatsapp
  • popup notification turns on
  • You can put more than 7 minutes video in status
  • in this you can backup
  • all those sticker emoji and Gif

General Setting

  • You can schedule the message and send it
  • In this you can download Design Chat Private notification and Media auto download
  • You can also reset your WhatsApp


If you are bored of seeing same type of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus itself provides you with many more features in it, due to which you do not get bored with an interface.
There are many things in WhatsApp Plus which are not in the original WhatsApp. Because of which we find the app attractive I’m sure you haven’t even seen about these highlight.

Writing Status

This feature is very amazing, While you are typing, the other person would steal that you are typing. if you turn it on then your typing status will not show You can message anyone at any time

Hide online Status

If you want to see someone’s status And whatever you don’t want her to do that I’m watching your status This feature is best for you With their help, you can see the status of anyone and he will not even show that you have seen his status. and you can also list someone like this .

Recording Status

You can ask for long time of your recording and you can delete later. Its biggest benefit is It.

Hide Blue Ticks

It has a lot of hide tick features, You want your blu blue tick to be on when you are typing otherwise your blue tick doesn’t show the feature is very amazing. Because with its help you can also remove your tick hidden

Sticker Package

In this, many stickers are provided to you, with the help of which you can be enjoy.And you can also send it to someone else.Here building lots of packages by entering which you can download from play store .


There are many wallpapers in it, which are available, you can change it as per your wish and you can also add any of your wish.


That’s why you can delete the stories you have, in the rest of the original WhatsApp, it is a bit difficult to delete the storage, in this you can easily delete the storage

Auto Reply

This is a very amazing feature of this, it is Artificial Intelligence A that if someone messages you, then you transfer the message to him in return, auto reply will be there. Due to which he will feel that you are online at that time, the message will be delivered to him automatically.


In this, many themes have been whitened which you can apply as per your wish and you can also do customization as per your wish. Theme Has Lots Of Styles Dark Mode Light Mode Etc

Font and Style

There is a lot of amazing thinking of fonts and style in this, you can change the pnot as per your wish, you can change its style, you can change its color. You make your whatsapp attractive and you enjoy using


You can share anything with anyone and you can only transfer 50 MB file on original Whatsapp you. You can transfer unlimited files in WhatsApp Plus, you can also transfer photos in original file with out damage pixel


The security provided in this is very amazing, we can put face lock in front of it as per our wish pattern Fingerprint ۔


As you know whatsapp GB and whatsapp plus is apk app mod.Never use your personal number in such twists It is possible that at some point of time the mod may be turned off and your number may also be blocked. Use the number you have temporary in this.
Never use your personal number in this mod.

ASN Project Try Other Apk App.

  • Yo whatsapp
  • Whatsapp plus
  • Gb whatsapp
  • Mix whatsapp
  • Prime whatsapp
  • Hola whatsapp
  • Aero whatsapp
  • B58 mini whatsapp
  • Soula whatsapp


Apk app mod is the best mod it has lot of functionalities. Do you enjoy using WhatsApp even more It also benefits you a lot With the help of which you can get many more functionality performed you don’t have to face any problem.

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